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Iboga or Ibogaine has been proven to be the most influential herbal plant to cure addictions. When correctly applied, the results is 100% effective. Found in Central Africa. It is a dark African jewel, and has many facets as yet unseen and unexplored by many of us here. It is interesting in that ibogaine is used medicinally for addiction interruption. It is a unique, deep, and cleansing plant, powerful, but with a soft touch, and approached correctly with respect, the experience it gifts has the capacity to a profoundly healing and life enhancing event.

Contact :
Those in France have nothing to worry about because I ship to France without any problems.

We sell only the Iboga root bark. We shall give you tips on how to extract iboga into Total Alkaloid(Iboga TA). We ship throughout the world strictly via EMS . Time of delivery is 3- 7days. Tracking code will be given to you. Shipping is from Cameroon. Buyers you must be aware that Iboga is a sacred plant and there's no such thing as scam. Any body who tries to take people's money through selling of iboga without supplying them always faces the consequences in less than a month from the spirit world of Iboga.

Prices are in euros and minimum order is below.
Iboga root bark...€5 per gram.
Minimum order is 100grams.

Remember this plant will heal you from all addictions. It is a God given plant and the only country in Central Africa that ships it is Cameroon. Place your Order Now

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